" Thanks to Ayar & Lara, I had an amazing & healing experience from Ayahuasca. I believe that Ayar is a true master as I could feel his maneuvering of the medicine throughout the session via the Icaros, tabacco, cleansing & other rituals. Ayar & Lara are very knowledgeable, experienced, work from the heart & provide an atmosphere for optimum Ayahuasca experience." Germaine, Los Angeles, CA, USA

" My experience with Ayahuasca was very important to overcome the death of my mother, for my personal evolution & for my inner force to leave addictions. The ceremonies showed me the force that has a sick mind for the destruction. With the cleansing & the reconfiguration realized by Ayar in the ceremonies everything was more simply, more beautifully & I felt happier & more realized. I am very grateful of having found this path." Michelle, Sao Paulo, Brazil

" In my spiritual search my encounter with the Ayahuasca medicine & with Ayar, an authentic medicine man, has been a key moment with a lot of healing & spiritual opening. After taking Ayahuasca with several non-professionals I was very conscious of my luck to find a person who still keeps the ancient knowledge. The Ikaros that Ayar sings in the ceremonies are beautiful & unique & his teachings are of great strength & wisdom. I congratulate & I thank Ayar for the medicine that he is giving us." Anna, Berlin, Germany



" First I was very nervous about what I would experience and if it would be too strong medicine for me, but at the first meeting with Ayar & Lara I understood how professional and genuine they are in their quest for healing our human family. My experience truly transformed me and I felt totally safe in Ayars care. He is a true master of knowledge about this plant, society´s ills and other dimensions. To hear them both sing the ikaros during the ceremony was very magical and I feel that it is a blessing to have been able to experience that. The whole experience touched me beyond words and I feel inspired to live differently than before and to continue my path of healing. " Linnéa, Öland, Sweden

" I had a real life changing experience with the Ayahuasca. This medicine was literally mind blowing. Not even many years of meditation could be compared to this kind of healing. When I took the Ayahuasca suddenly my spirit was awoken. For the first time I felt alive. For the first time I felt the true inner power of awoken spirit. After I felt relieved psychologically and emotionally with a new clarity and wisdom for my life. A truly empowering experience, that I will never forget, I only think about the times to come when I meet the Ayahuasca again. I thank Ayar for sharing his wisdom and strength and Lara for making it all so comfortable. For me I had found the best people to introduce me to this power. My best to you both." Pavlos, Öland, Sweden

" The Ayahuasca ceremonies helped me to resolve personal questions & to overcome problems, what I would not have gotten without the help of them. Ayar, in the conduction of this ceremonies, brings us in contact with levels of consciousness far beyond this world & he shows us that our difficulties are projections of our mind. Beyond the personal care & attention during the ceremonies, Ayar & Lara reveal to us through the Ayahuasca, that we can live with more physical, mental & spiritual health." André, Sao Paulo, Brazil

" Dear Ayar & Lara, thank you for healing my wife. For past year she has been sick, stuck in duality. I see a different woman which is one not split. I am happy. Thank you for providing a safe environment to experience Ayahuasca. " Michael, New York, USA


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